Wallingford Long Distance Sculls 2017 – WJ18 2x

For many, Wallingford Long Distance Sculls marks the start of the new season of racing. This weekend will see some serious competition between the WJ18 2x, with at least one of the competitors having been chosen to represent GB in the last year. With a select group of talented scullers, it will be really interesting to see the outcome of this race.


American School in London Boat Club – Lamden, Mix

ASL has produced some very high performances in its women’s squad in recent times. In 2016 the women’s junior double comprising of Lambden and Rewick achieved a very respectable time at the Star Club Head of the River, and Lambden also beat a competitor from St Paul’s Girls School in her single at Chiswick Amateur Regatta. Mix has previously raced in a 2x at 2016 JSR, although the outcome is unknown. For a club which seems to focus on London events, it will be interesting to see how they perform in less familiar territory.


Eton Excelsior Rowing Club – Smith

Eton Excelsior is another club which has been doing very well with its junior squad in recent years. Multiple alumni of EERC are currently racing at this year’s World Championships, and the junior crews have also been doing really well at recent regattas. Whilst there are no results for this particular 2x, the overall performance of EERC’s junior crew suggests that they will be another crew which provides strong competition.


Henley Rowing Club – Orr

As part of Henley’s seemingly indomitable junior squad, Orr has proved her ability multiple times over the past few seasons; coming 4th in the women’s junior 4x at 2017 Munich Regatta, 1st in the 2x at 2016 Coupe de la Jeunesse and having qualified for GB World Junior Rowing Championships in the 4x. I would imagine that this experience and ability will stand her 2x in very good stead for the coming race.


Maidenhead Rowing Club – Sinnott

Maidenhead’s junior squad is really thriving at the moment, and Sinnott is another rower who has proved her credentials over the past few seasons. Most recently winning silver in the WJ15 2x and gold in WJ15 4x at British Rowing Junior Championship, she was also successful in the WJ15 4x at Henley Sculls in 2015, and came 2nd in WJ14 4x at NSR quite a few years ago. Seeing as at least one member of this crew generally seems to race in a 4x, it will be interesting to see how this double performs in the 2x.


St George’s College Boat Club – Hutchison

Another club with sole focus on junior members, St George’s seems to be performing well at the moment. They recently sent one J18 rower to the Coupe de la Jeunesse where his crew took gold, so it seems that their training is paying off – hopefully their girls crew will have similar success this weekend.


Stratford-upon-Avon Boat Club – Mordaunt

Stratford has done fantastically well with their junior rowers this season, and I don’t expect their performance at Wallingford will disappoint. Mordaunt has previously competed in the WJ18 coxless 4x, and won at Evesham RC Regatta as part of the same crew. It will be interesting to see how her double performs at Wallingford.


Wallingford Rowing Club – Cole

Wallingford has consistently produced high quality rowers, sending club members to every Olympic Games since 1988. There is no specific information on this WJ18 2x, however as they are racing on home turf I suspect that they will be feeling very confident for the coming race.



As there are no names against the entries from Wallingford, St George’s or Eton Excelsior, it is difficult to give an overall prediction for the outcome of the race. However, I would assume that the Henley double will probably be the crew to beat, with some strong competition from the Maidenhead and potentially also the Wallingford crews.