Pairs Head 2017 – Women’s J18 Championship Doubles

With such a strong lineup, this years WJ18 2x at Pairs Head looks as if there will be some tight competition, as well as a lot of fun for spectators!


Maidenhead RC – Sinnott

As a squad, Maidenhead’s juniors have been very successful in recent times, competing at both national and international levels. Sinnott has previously had experience racing as part of the WJ14 4x at the 2015 Junior Inter Regional Regatta in 2015. Sinnott also had success at the British Junior Championships winning in a quad both 2015 and 2016. She is a very successful junior and if her partner is of the same calibrate this could be a double to watch.


Globe RC – Olawumi

Globe RC has been doing well recently, with wins across many junior categories. Olawumi was part of the W16 coxless 4- at Natinal Schools Regatta, which came away with a bronze medal, and also made up the crew of the WIM2 2x at the Maidstone Invicta, coming away with the fastest ladies pennant. This experience suggests that this doubles performance at the Pairs Head will be a strong one.


Eton Excelsior RC – Donaldson

At the 2015 Livingston Regatta, Donaldson’s WJ15 2x came second in the A final, and won the WJ15 4x at the Maidenhead Junior Regatta in the same year. Her double also raced at the 2016 Walton and Weybridge Regatta in 2016. The junior squad is consistently strong, competing at races including National Schools Regatta, Henley Women’s Regatta and British Rowing Championships, as well as having some athletes race at international races.


York City – Edmunds

Edmunds’ 2x won the B Final at the 2017 Munich International Junior Regatta, and reached the final at the European Junior Champs. The crew members also have experience as part of a 4x, having competed at the 2017 World Rowing Championships and 2016 Coupe de la Jeunesse, where they won a silver medal. This experience stands them in good stead for the race, where I imagine they will provide tough competition.


Henley Robinson – Ranger

Another member of Henley’s formidable junior squad, Robinson Ranger most recently won the junior women’s 1x at Ghent Regatta, 2017, as well as taking gold in the junior women’s 4x at Ghent and winning the junior women’s 4x at Henley Women’s Regatta. As there’s no previous race results for this crew, I’m not sure how much practice they have had together as a double, but I would assume that they will be going for the win.


Kings School Ely – Garrett

This double won the WJ16 2x at the 2017 Ghent Regatta, and were part of the crew to take gold at the British Junior Rowing Championships as part of the WJ16 4x. The school’s boat club has been doing very well recently, so this could well be another crew who provides strong competition.


Further competition is also provided by Tideway Scullers, Worcester RC, American School in London, Emanuel School and Walton RC, although there is no past race information or results for the named competitors. It will be interesting to see how the race unfolds – I would assume that the strongest competition will be provided by York City RC, followed by Henley RC and the Maidenhead crew.