Head of the Dee 2017 – Review

Hosted by Grosvenor Rowing Cub, the 3800m course offers a chance for junior athletes to race a full spectrum of sculling events. Also,  with only a few weeks until Fours Head on the Tideway, this event gives prospective crews and their coaches a chance to see what improvements are necessary to have the best row possible come race day.

The quads events were well contested with Warrington’s A boat taking the J18 event from Northwich by 7 seconds with Warrington’s B boat and Derby RC also featuring well despite being some way adrift of these two leading boats. The WJ18s event was a 3 boat entry, though sadly 2 crews scratched from the event, leaving Northwich to win by default in a good time of 14.56. The J16 4x category was an absolute humdinger with The Grange School pipping Warrington by 1.2 seconds, which is very tight over nearly 4km. The equivalent woman’s event was taken with relative ease by Northwich from Pengwern BC in a time only 7 seconds off that of their J18 clubmates.

The doubles only had a single entry in both J18 events, with Warrington scratching from the J18 event, with the woman’s event being won by Northwich by default in a time of 15.27. As for the J17 event again a small entry of 3 boats with one electing to scratch. The Grange School won this event easily from Pengwern BC. The sole Royal Chester double in the women’s event clocked a time of 15.48. The J16s event was again very tight, with The Grange School winning by 2 seconds from Warrington in a 4 boat field. The woman’s event was again a small entry of the boats with the Queens Park High School winning by a massive 1min 20sec over home club Grosvenor.

The Singles events were all decent size entries, with coaches potentially wanting to see how their athletes are performing working their programmes.  The J18 1x was won by Eaves of Warrington by a reasonable margin from Burke of Northwich with two other Warrington scullers and Merchant Taylors School completing the 5 boat field. The WJ18 event was won by  Standing from King’s School Chester with Walscroft of Northwich sneaking into second place in front of Almond from Merchant Taylor’s School. The J17 event was taken by Swithenbank of Northwich by a whopping 54 seconds from Critchely of Warrington. The only other boat in this category elected to scratch. The woman’s event was won by Shirley of Royal Chester RC by a reasonable margin from Cushen of Northwich with the two other entries from Northwich scratching leaving these two boats. The J16s event was won by Brogan of Northwich with White of Warrington by a healthy margin with the other two scullers a fair way back. As for the woman’s event this was another reasonable entry with Molton of The Grange School taking out the win from Sperring-Toy of Northwich with scullers from home club Grosvenor and Runcorn completing this field of 4.

Overall this was a good event with some good tight racing and reasonable entry numbers. I think Warrington and Northwich will be particularly pleased with their days work with a good number of wins and second places.