Henley Long Distance Sculls 2017 – J16 4x

Henley Sculls, this year racing over a 3000m course, will be familiar territory for most senior competitors. After just under 900 metres, they will be faced with the prospect of temple island, and will then be racing past Fawley, Remenham Club and then finishing just before Leander Club. For any J16’s racing here, this very well could be their first time racing the on 2112 metre course, and for many, will not be the last.


Henley RC

Henley must be seen as a large threat to winning this event. After winning both the time trial and side by side racing at National Schools’ Regatta, there is certainly pedigree there. As well as that, this is a home course, and experience of steering here could be pivotal in deciding who will win.


Latymer Upper School

Latymer have two entries in the event this year, one crew who raced in the 1st J15 quad event at NSR, and another in the second quad event. Both crews finished second in their respective events, and it appears they combined a day later to win a bronze medal in J15 Ch8+, which is quite a feat in itself. This means you can expect to see both of these quads towards the upper ends of the finish list.


Claires Court School

Three entries from the Fawley runners up this year, with the A boat placing 11th in the first quad event at NSR, whilst in the second quad event the B and C quads finished 3rd and 11th respectively. In addition to this, the A quad won at British Junior Championships, so it appears boat speed picked up through the year.


RGS High Wycombe

At National Schools’ Regatta this crew managed to scrape into the AB semis, before finishing 12th, 6th in the B Final.


Other crews competing at Henley Scull which did not progress out of the time trial at National Schools’ Regatta are as follows:

AB Severn: 15th

Wallingford RC: 24th

RGS Worcester: 27th

Hereford Cathedral School: 41st


City of Bristol did not compete at NSR but made the D Final at British Junior Championships



Lots of tight racing at the top, as well as near the bottom of the field but top 3 in my eyes will be:

  1. Henley RC
  2. Latymer Upper School A
  3. Latymer Upper School B/Claires Court School A