Henley Long Distance Sculls 2017 – WJ16 4x

This coming weekend is the arrival of Henley Long Distance Sculls which will be much anticipated by those involved as it is one of the more highly competitive events in the rowing calendar. As the head season isn’t fully underway and clubs don’t always post their results, most of the previews are based on results on last seasons regatta results.


Latymer Upper School BC

This squad have been racing well recently as last season in the Junior Sculling Head they won the Ch 8 as well as winning their quad as WJ15. Within the quads category the club also had their B boat coming second therefore showing a stong squad all round from Latymer, they look to be a promising crew for this weekend.


Henley RC

Henley are always strong competitors and have a strong prestige behind them but this age group seems to be particularly strong with a win at Reading against much older categories which stands them in a strong position. At Junior Championships 5 out of the 6 boats entered made it to their finals. The doubles that entered achieved 2nd and 4th within their time trails resulting in both going onto further heats with one of the doubles taking the win whilst the other finished 5th. Additionally at National Schools’, their quad’s placed 1st and 2nd and last year at Henley Sculls the girls won as WJ15 so the pressure is on for this year.


Abingdon BC

A member of the girls squad won her single in both the 1000m and 500m at the Evesham regatta over the summer, whilst the quad made the final at the Walton and Weybridge regatta, creating some strong competition for those around them. At BRJC the girls made it through their time trials with a very respectable 10th and also achieving 3rd and 20th in single sculls.


Sir William Perkins’s School RC

At the British Rowing Championships the girls quad came 1st in their B final which was a very impressive 5th overall. Later on in the season they won both a quad and double at Kingston regatta and then further going on to win an eight along with a double whilst competing at the Reading AM regatta this summer, therefore producing some promising results for them to move on with this year.


Marlow RC

As a well known name within the rowing community Marlow seem to be on good track with their squads however this particular age group don’t seem to currently have any major wins however, at the Evesham Junior Head they won both a quad and a double so all should be putting good practice in for the Henley Sculls which they will be shortly be heading off to.


King’s School Worcester BC

The girls from King’s have produced a fairly impressive group of results over the years, most recently achieving 8th and 19th at National Schools’ earlier this year. Additionally at a more local event, Shrewsbury, over summer the girls took wins in both a quad and double. They could potentially produce strong results this coming weekend.


Nottingham and Union RC

At the Peterborough regatta recently one of the members of the squad accomplished a win with her scull which was a strong result and shows potential within the team. At the Junior Inter-Regional Regatta all crews entered from the squad made it to the A finals which is a really strong position to be in moving forward for the rest of this year.


Wallingford RC

Wallingford juniors have been relatively quiet recently but placed a respectable 20th at Nat Schools last season in a quad and also coming 9th at their own regatta event which was good start to the regatta season, perhaps as the head season really gets underway we will see more from these girls and this weekend should be an interesting race for them.


Canford School BC

This team produced really promising results in the Sculling regatta as they came 4th fastest within their semi‘s which set them up strongly. However they didn’t perform quite as strongly at National Schools’ but still came a respectable 35th. This weekend should be a good racing opportunity for them and will be interesting to see how they perform.


1st – Henley RC
2nd – Latymer Upper School BC
3rd – Sir William Perkins’s School RC