Henley Long Distance Sculls 2017 – WJ18 1x

The WJ18 1x category at Henley Sculls Head is packed with talented and renowned junior rowers, suggesting a race that will be full of excitement and tight competition.


Henley RC
Henley are providing strong competition for this race, with five scullers entered. Robinson Ranger previously triumphed in the WJ15 2x at the 2014 Henley Sculls Head, and most recently won both the junior women’s 1x and 4x at the 2017 Ghent Regatta. Both O’Donohue and Fletcher were part of the WJ16 coxless 4+ who took gold at the 2017 InterRegional Regatta, and Jones and Butterworth have previously won their races in crew boats at the 2017 Henley Women’s Regatta.


Latymer Upper School BC
Latymer are the club providing the highest volume of competitors for this category, with thirteen scullers entered – a typically strong representation of their prowess at junior level. Four of the racers – Andersen, Mathews, Lloyd and Seal – competed at this year’s Great Britain vs France match in the women’s 4x, which leads me to believe these girls will be strong.


Reading RC
Reading has entered two competitors for the race, Pollard and Richards. Whilst there is no information about Richards, Pollard won the WJ16 1x at 2016 Reading Small Boats Head, suggesting promising competition.


Ross RC
All of Ross RC’s competitors have been doing well at local regattas in recent years. Banks Martin previously won the fastest women’s sculler pennant at 2016 Monmouth Autumn Head, and later teamed up with Phillips to win the WJ16 2x race.


Poplar Blackwall and District RC
The only entry from Poplar Blackwall and District, Stewart previously won both the WJ18 2x and WIM2 2x at Maidstone Small Boats Head. It will be interesting to see how her performance in a single scull compares.


Shanklin Sandown RC
Shanklin Sandown’s Faithfull has been doing very well of late, having won her women’s novice races at both Shanklin and Milford Regattas, and the junior women’s pair at Woolston Regatta. I look forward to see how she does against the competition.


The line up also includes competitors from Bryanston School BC, Globe RC, Marlow RC, American School in London BC and Sir William Perkins School BC. Due to the high volume of competitors, and range of experience, it looks like these racers are going to face and provide some tough competition, creating an exciting racing experience.