Henley Long Distance Sculls 2017 – J16 2x

Henley Long Distance sculls is a chance for many scullers to race without the distraction of steering, due to its reasonably straight course. For scullers in the J16 category, this could easily change their standings within their cohort. Thus, the bowmen of these crews will have an easier job come Saturday.


Henley RC

After Wallingford and Reading Small Boats, a loose ranking within J16s can be seen. This combined with last year’s success puts Henley’s lot towards the top. A win in the double and 2nd place at Reading could make them the favourites to win, but many other clubs have single scullers who are on par or even surpass the names we see listed in the draw. Scullers from this club however, have gone on to represent GB, and Euan Turnell has already bagged some GB kit while being a J15. Nevertheless, all these crews will have their eyes on the prize, and so strong performances can be expected from them.


Latymer Upper BC

In an event of 17 entries, Latymer makes up around a quarter of the crews. However, there is very limited information about their doubles, or those named, in singles. Some the athletes competing will have already experienced a ‘mixed upbringing’ at Latymer, with podium finishes in their sculling events at NSR. The straightforward course should not be challenging for these doubles and will be a good experience for those less skilled with two oars.


Maidenhead RC

As a good sculling club, Maidenhead’s entries will be looking to make a splash in this event. The double listed ‘Hughes’ put down the 2nd fastest time at Wallingford, but this will be their first time this season racing the other crews listed. Using another competitor as a reference, this top double may fall below Henley’s, but being within the ballpark may allow for a pleasant surprise on the day. If the other double is around the same level, or slightly below, then a very decent performance from Maidenhead is to be expected.


This competition is a great chance to race on the course at Henley, and crews are coming from far and wide to have a crack at it. In this event alone, there’re entries from AB Severn from Tewkesbury, Stratford-upon-Avon BC, and Hereford Cathedral School. While only a few clubs have been mentioned here anything can happen during a race. For those unmentioned, it is a chance to put a good time down and leave as a recognised name.


I predict the top spots to be occupied by Henley and Maidenhead, but the other positions are all up for grabs. This event will be interesting to watch unfold.