Fours Head 2017 – Women’s Junior Coxed Fours


As this boat doesn’t contain LEH’s competitor at junior worlds last summer or either member of the pair that comfortably won Pairs Head last month, I’d therefore assume this is not their top boat. Having said this, any LEH second four should still perform to a reasonably high standard, and whilst they might not finish at the top of this category, they should still have a strong placing.



It is without a question that I’d say Henley would be favourites to win for this category. With Henley showing impressive depth for the past couple of years with wins in boat junior quads and fours, I’m sure this four will be more than up to the challenge of continuing their winning streak. With Mary Wright coming 7th in the 4- at junior worlds this summer and the other 3 girls all representing England at HIR after success at Brit Champs, this should be a very strong crew and I’d be surprised if anyone could match their speed on Sunday.


Putney High

Whilst Putney’s senior squad hasn’t had any particular outstanding performances in crew boats in recent years, they’re certainly on the rise. Following the opening of their own boat club, Putney had a very strong J16 4+ last season which won both Nat Schools and Henley Womens Regatta. Whilst these girls will most likely still struggle to compete against the older and more experienced girls from Henley, it will be a good chance for them to show where they stand in a faster field.



Whilst generally speaking Marlow consistently produces decent crews, this four doesn’t contain Marlow’s top girls. With one of them only getting into the D final in WJ182x at Brit champs last year and as the others didn’t appear to be in Marlow’s 5th placing ChG8+ last year I suspect they’ll struggle to compete against the strongest crews, but judging by Marlow’s usual standards, they should be able to still get a decent ranking.



Whilst yet again this doesn’t appear to be Headington’s top boat, after a slightly slower start to the season even Headington’s second eight has remained remarkably competitive within the championship category last year, placing 6th at Nat Schools in the ChG8+/2nd8+ final. Headington have often had weaker results at this point in the season before they’ve gone on to dominate for the rest of the year, so this crew’s result will be fairly unpredictable, but I would still expect them to be off the pace of the top end of the pack.



1. Henley
2. Putney
3. LEH



Pairs Matrix