Croker Oars – The Latest Innovations

Since Howard Croker started Croker Oars over 50 years ago, Croker Oars have been innovating within the sport of rowing and are not looking to slow down any time soon. Croker Oars are now creating new accessories to enhance a rower’s experience and performance. All oars and accessories are extensively tested until they are ready for release to the rowing market.

In the first article to mark the partnership between Croker Oars and Junior Rowing News, we introduce our new Carbon Foot Stretcher, Frog Light and the Arrow M49 Rowing Oar.


New rowing accessories – Carbon Foot Stretcher and Frog Light

Carbon Foot Stretcher
A beautifully crafted, light and sleek carbon fibre foot stretcher that fits Doubles, Pairs, Fours and Eights. The foot stretcher has a 10 degree angle change in the lower half of the footplate, allowing the heel of the foot to stay in contact with the footplate at the catch, increasing athlete’s power output by activating the larger rowing muscles earlier during the leg drive. The shoes are also moved wider apart to give a more stable platform to help boat stability.


Frog lights
Tough and durable, the new Frog Light is a must when rowing in low level light. A fully sealed housing (waterproof and floats) with rechargeable battery with at least 24 hours of constant light.

It’s the clever design of the ‘Flip on/off’ and the auto ‘low level light on/off’ which makes it so different from other boat lights. For example, when the Frog Light is attached to the bow and stern of your boat and the boat is flipped to go on the rack, the light automatically switches off. It’s also the same in darkness, the Frog Light automatically switches on and then off when there is sufficient light.

Now that the days are shorter, make sure you are seen on the water.


Rowing and Sculling Oars
Croker Oars do not work on a “one fits all” approach and this is borne out by the wide range of oars and sculls we manufacture which are available to accommodate the wants and needs of rowers of all levels from beginner to Olympic Champion.

As a customer focused company, Croker Oars are happy to work with clients to produce the rowing/sculling oar that meets their exacting requirements. We are happy to discuss prospective clients needs and provide advice, where required, as well as offering a custom build option at no additional cost. The relationship does not end at the sale as Croker Oars provide full support and maintenance from the provision of parts to, should the worst happen, the repair of broken oars/scull and if we are unable to repair your broken scull we are happy to provide single sculling oars to match.

Introducing the NEW M49 Arrow Rowing Oar 


The new M49 Arrow has similar features as the M47 Arrow, with a thin diameter shaft made from multiple layers of thin carbon, but with enhanced durability, as well as the latest Arrow blade. The M49 is slightly heavier than the M47, but still delivers a high performance racing feel for elite level and highly competitive crews.



Should you have any questions or require any information/advise please contact John Tetley at Croker UK on 07487256783 or emailed on