Hampton Small Boats Head 2017 – J16 1x

Hampton Head is a great course, running 3000m along a pretty famous stretch of river. Scullers will pass the Hampton & LEH boathouse on their way to Platt’s Eyot. Overall, the course is relatively easy but the big sweeping bend could catch an unwary sculler out.


So the J16 1x category is looking really impressive with over 50 quality entries from serious rowing schools and clubs. Obviously, you’d have to look at the Hampton and Molesey BC boys to get in amongst it on their home stretch but with the depth of the field, they’re really going to have to show their skills.


St Pauls are looking really strong at the moment across all age groups and it’s fair to guess that the J16s are looking to impress as well as their coaches keep an eye on the future. Langstone-Bolt and Hanson-Puffer are definitely boats to watch with bow numbers 213 and 236 respectively.


However, will the sculling pedigree of Claire’s Court and Henley RC give them an advantage? I definitely think that they’ll put in great performances – Claire’s are sending a huge contingent of scullers to Hampton and the likes of Foy should do well here. Henley don’t appear to be sending their scullers who’ve been successful recently but O’Connor should be one to keep an eye on here.


I also have to mention Tideway Scullers because you can never overlook anyone from this school but it seems to me that the Hampton, St Pauls and Claire’s boys will be the ones tearing it up on Saturday with a hope of winning the category but also earning the bragging rights back at their boat clubs as we head into the Christmas break.