Hampton Small Boats Head 2017 – J16 2x

Hampton Small Boats will be a good indicator of the form of J16 crews and their progression since Reading Small Boats as the festive season beckons. With a 17 boat draw, this should prove to be a hotly contested division.


The races so far have shown Henley RC to be a powerhouse within the J16 racing scene, winning the quadruple sculls at Reading small boats alongside the Double sculls race and a second place in the single scull race with Ed Roy. More recently a purely J16 Henley quad placed second highest out of all J16’s in the Fours Head losing to TSS. They have two doubles both of which contain athletes from their top quade and each of their doubles present a fierce challenge.


Most likely to challenge Henley in this race, apart from Henley B is Walton. Walton has two doubles entered in the race, and although not recently, their power must not be underestimated having similarly entered two doubles in the Junior sculling regatta in J15 doubles and taking a Gold and Bronze medal in that race. An affiliate of the club confirmed that the doubles being sent out are going to be strong and technically sound which will present Henley with a challenge.


Hampton must also be recognized as a threat, having most likely focussed on sculling so far this season, this coupled with the possible home advantage could make them a force to be reckoned with.


Not much is known about the three Molesey Boat Club doubles. However as they have three entries in this one division, this could possibly suggest an ‘in race’ doubles matrix which may provide the Molesey athletes with some added motivation.


To conclude, the information available suggests that Henley is in pole position to take first place. Expected to follow are Walton, which of these doubles will be faster is hard to say. In third place, one would expect to find Hampton being pushed hard by Molesly ‘A’.  However, it is possible that a surprise performance from the so-called ‘Guildford Choppers‘ could shake these rankings up.

Drunken Spider