Hampton Small Boats Head 2017 – JSchA 2-

Hosted on the same course as the Hampton Head in February, this event is the same weekend as Wallingford 4s and 8s so as such clubs have had to make the choice as too which event to race at. Hampton Small Boats offers racing over a 3000m course so a reasonably short course as head races go, meaning small margins will count for a lot. This J18 pairs event has 12 crews entered with all but one coming from home club Hampton or Latymer Upper School. This would suggest that the directors of rowing at these schools, Colin Greenway at Hampton and Phil McGee at Latymer are choosing to stay in small boats, to help refine basic boat moving skills rather than racing a bigger boat at Wallingford.


Hampton School

Home club Hampton have 7 crews in this event, teastament to the depth the Hampton programme always seems to have to it. Last year’s 1st 8 was made up of mainly J17 athletes so they will be looking to step on again this year.  The first crew named in he draw is under the name of Davis. He was a fixture in the Hampton 1st 8 last year, who lost out to eventual winners Scotch College at Henley and winning the OJ18 8s at British Rowing Junior Championships. He then went on to represent England in a 4 at Home Internatinal Regatta where he won gold. The second boat is under the name of Bridge who was a part of Hampton’s J16 Ch8 that came 4th at National Schools’ last year and he was a part of the coxless 4 in the victorious GB France match, so despite racing up a year, he is clearly a talent so this pair should be fast. The third Hampton pair is under the name of Downey. With identical credentials to Bridge this should be a really close fight between these pairs. The third Hampton pair is under the name of Cockett who came from Hampton’s 8 that raced in the 2nd and 3rd 8s event at National Schools’. That crew finished 5th in that particular event, so whilst this pair may not challenge the leading crews they should have a solid row on home water. Next up is a pair in the name of Ladhur. Another part of the Hampton 1st 8 last year he will want to cement his seat for this season and beating his fellow crewmate from last year will be a good start. He also raced a coxless 4 at Brit Champs, placing 5th in the B final. The next Hampton pair is name of Nur. He was also in Hampton’s 2nd 8 last year so again will be looking to move on this year to try and win a seat in the top boat. The final pair in the Hampton armada is under the name of Diver. He didn’t appear in any National Schools’ crews for Hampton last year, so as such it is hard to make a suggestion on speed. However Hampton had a camp in the half term to Temple Sur Lot in France so should be good, especially on home water.


Latymer Upper School

Forming the second half of this draw are Latymer Upper School. The first boat is under the name of  McChesney. He was a part of the Latymer top quad last year that made it to Friday at Henley despite only coming together for National Schools’. As for this season he raced in a 4- at the Fours Head placing an impressive 3rd in Band 2. As such I would expect a strong show this weekend. The second pair is under the name of Traeger. He raced in the Latymer 1st 8 last year and made the step up to race in the same 4 as McChesney so has clearly had a good season so far. Next up we have Brett. Another part of the Latymer first 8 last year and was in a 4+ at Fours Head coming 10th in J18. Whilst this pair may not be as fast as the first two it should still be capable of posting a solid row. The fourth Latymer pair is entered under the name of  Suvijac and the fifth under the name Harrison. Both were also in the Latymer 1st 8 last year and neither raced at the Fours Head. Saying that, Latymer entered two crews into JSch 4+ at Pangbourne Junior Sculls and whilst neither crew was entered under either of these names, it wouldn’t surprise me if they were in the crews, however a lack of full crew lists means I am not certain about this. These boats placed 8th and 9th in that event. I expect good performances from theses guys, but maybe not winning rows.


Llandaff RC

The only other pair in this event is from Llandaff and is under the name of Davies.  He raced in a J18 4x at Fours Head, placing 11th in a very high calibre field. How this sculling speed translates into a sweep boat remains to be seen, thought the delicate nature needed in sculling suits the pair best of all sweep boats so this crew could well suprise.



This should be a close event and the top boats from each school will want to come out on top. With the home water advantage and his experience racing last year in Hampton’s 1st and at Home Countries I think Hampton-Davis will come out on top with Latymer-McChseney pipping Latymer-Traeger for 3rd.