Hampton Small Boats Head 2017 – WJ17 2X

This upcoming weekend is the arrival of Hampton Small Boats Head, which is much anticipated event, closely following EID’s. The WJ12 2X category is very strong this weekend so should be an exciting race to watch and I’m sure the results will be much anticipated by all.



At National Schools’ Headington came away with a very respectable set of results, with eights and quads placing 1st, 3rd  9th and 8th. For their smaller smaller crews, which is more relevant to this weekend’s head, their pair placed 2nd whilst their double came 3rd. These results show a strong group from Headington and they could be have a very successful weekend coming up if they have been putting in the practice at smaller more local events this season.


Tideway Scullers School

Tideway have been busy already in the past few weeks with entries into the GB EID’s which was a fiercely strong competition. They again produced good results from NSR last summer by placing 4th in the double sculls and a respectable 10th in coxed fours. To coincide with this over the past two years they have had 10 wins and 2 finals at Henley which just goes to show the real strength in the club.


Putney High School

Putney look like they have been really putting the effort in with similarly high results at NSR when compared to the other clubs they will be racing against this weekend. They have also been busy at work with more local heads recently which should have been preparing them for this upcoming weekend. They seem to be a strong team and should give a promising result on Saturday.


Emanuel School

Their results at NSR weren’t quite as high as others but still a very good set of results none the less, with 3rd in the eights and coming 6th in coxed fours as well as 7th in the pairs. Over the summer and at the start of the head season they will have been putting in good practice and so should be ready to give this weekend a good attempt and may even surprise some of the other crews there.


King’s School Ely

Ely have been busy recently entering lots of competitors into the Star Club Rowing Head a couple of weeks ago, in order to prepare for bigger events. Their results from NSR put them in a good position to go ahead with this weekend as they made the finals for the double sculls at NSR which was a very strong field, so we should expect some good results from them at Hampton.


Surbiton High School

Surbiton don’t seem to be in quite as strong stead as others in their category this weekend. However last season they did manage to make the AB finals in both the double and pairs at NSR, showing that perhaps with some more training over these past few autumn months we could be hoping to see some really promising results from this group of girls.



Marlow finished NSR with a strong set of results with many of their crews getting to finals. This included the B final in the pairs as well as the fours for this same age group, with the additional 4th in the quads. They are a prestigious club that always tend to bring strong results home with them so it will be interesting to see how they compare to others this weekend as this category is extremely strong.


Llandaff RC

This welsh club had a very respectable set of results after NSR by reaching the AB final in both the quads and doubles. With local heads under their belts for the past few months and a charity ergo behind them from September they should be in with a good chance this weekend, whilst competing in this highly competitive category.



1st – Headington

2nd – Tideway School Sculling

3rd – Marlow