Hampton Small Boats Head 2017 – J17 1x

There’s a lot of racing going on this weekend, but as the majority of sweep oarsmen and crew scullers have gone to Wallingford, the single scullers remain to duke it out at Hampton Small Boats Head. There is a clear divide in ability, but a dark horse among the 17 entries could exist.


Henley RC

Henley have started this season very strongly, with several of their scullers taking top spots in a race this year. This applies to 3 out of 4 entries, which is not surprising as Grant Taylor and Balthasar Issa already own some GB kit. Issa, in particular, will be looking to taste gold, with local rivals, Star and Arrow nowhere to be seen. The remaining scullers from Henley are far from lacking, so a finish with them concentrated in the top region is expected.


Lea RC

The dynamic duo from Lea are back, and have put the double to rest. Jasper den Dulk, and Louis Powell are two of Lea’s best scullers, and much like the Henley boys, they’ve had their own serving of GB kit. However, they are yet to best Henley in a race this year. Saturday will be a chance for them to strike back, and they may be successful.


These two clubs have been mentioned because there is a great wealth of information about their scullers. But in a single’s head race, these athletes will have to stay as focused as possible. Henley and Lea are very likely to dominate, but the top spots could be penetrated by any of the entries.


Good luck to all racing on Saturday.