Hampton Small Boats Head 2017 – WJ18 2x

Racing over 3000 Metres, Hampton Small Boats Head is one of the last big races remaining in 2017, and is one of the few heads exclusively for junior rowers. Competing over two divisions, is a total of 778 competitors, which should make it an exciting day of racing.


In J18 doubles this year, there are a total of 14 entries; 6 entered in the first division, and 8 in the second.


Division 1:


Hampton School-Carter

Being the host club, Hampton in theory should have an upper hand advantage, and being the only double entered from Hampton, it can be presumed these are Hampton’s top two scullers this year.


Walton – Wilkinson

Both these competitors competed in the 1st 4+ event at NSR, and finished 10th. Walton has a past of producing reasonably fast competitors, so should be competitive


Other Competitors: –

-Magdalen College School- Mihai and Petrov

-Rob Roy-Turnbull

-Llandaff RC- Whiting


Division 2


Molesey BC- Darlow and Spurling

The members of these two doubles all competed in the winning J18 1st 8 at National Schools Regatta last year, and have then combined to make a quad this year. Both of these doubles should be prominent.


Henley RC-Issa

Members from the winning J16x- at NSR last year, this double should be highly competitive, and I would be very surprised if they were not high up the finish list.


Tideway Scullers School-Lewis

These members competed in the Champ 2x event last year at NSR, and all crews from TSS ae generally strong, and I expect no different from this crew.


Other Competitors: –

-Llandaff Cowley

-Rob Roy Lang

-LVS Ascot Oliver

-Burton Leander Mafham