Writer’s Select: Christmas Ergs

The first half of the head season has come and gone, and now the festive period is upon us, and for many, a time of gluttony and inactivity awaits. However, this time should be seen as an opportunity for us rowers to become fitter, gain strength, and have more flexibility.

Suggested Ergs:

Many ergs at this time are trying to build your aerobic capabilities, so here are a selection that the JRN team suggest:

  1. 3x 6K, r18, 2’ Rest
  2. 30’@r24, 2’ Rest, 25’@r26, 2’ Rest, 20’@r28
  3. 30’@r20
  4. 3×20’, @r20/24/28
  5. 9x1k, @r14, 1’ rest
  6. 7x2k, @r20/22/24/26/24/22/20, 3’ rest
  7. Half Marathon (21098m) @r18
  8. 5k free rate
  9. 60’@r16
  10. 20x500m, @r16/18/20/22/24/26/28/30/32/34/34/32/30/28/26/24/22/20/18/16, 1’ rest

In addition to these ergs, I would recommend a weights program, as well as a daily core and flexibility circuit, and by the time the new year comes round, there will even more speed available to you.

Merry Christmas!