Hampton Head 2018 – J18 4-

This year’s Hampton Head, held over 3000m on Saturday 3rd February, is one of the first major head races of the year for juniors, in the lead up into School’s Head of the River in March. Although only held over 3000 metres, it is good opportunity for schools and clubs to showcase their early season pace, and for coaches to see if their winter training programme has been productive.

The J18 coxless fours, although not an event at School’s Head, it is an opportunity for some schools to break the eight into two different boat classes, perhaps similarly to how they would on the Sunday of National School’s Regatta. This year there are 11 entries into this event, which could see it being a very closely fought category.


Molesey Boat Club

This four, all of whom attended the GB junior development camp in Spain in December, will surely be hoping to dominate this event ahead of long distance trials. They will all be in pairs in division 1, so then moving into the four should therefore cause no problems.



This four will not be in the top Dulwich eight, and some, if not all, will be racing in the J16 4- in the other division, so this is probably not a top priority for Dulwich.


Oratory and Pangbourne

Like Dulwich, neither of these fours will be in the eights so are both probably second boats.


Latymer Upper School

A usually strong school, Latymer’s entry will be expected to place highly up the ranking. In the afternoon they will be united with a 4+ in an eight however, I doubt that this will be a top eight as Latymer also have at the same time as the fours three pairs and a double, which would probably be expected to make a top eight, as pairs indicate preparation for trials.


Canford School

Not expected to be one of the quickest entries, as at HOR4’s they could only muster 25th/35, and they will also have two other fours, both coxed, racing, which could be of higher priority.


Great Marlow School

Another high performing rowing school, as mentioned in the introduction, GMS have split their eight into a coxed and coxless fours, but with no inclination to which is the top boat.


Marlow and Walton

Both these clubs in recent years have favoured the sculling discipline, so very limited knowledge on what they will be like.


Staines and Llandaff

I can’t say I’m overfamiliar with either club, nor can I say I found much about either in my digging, therefore these two must just stay as unknown forces.





3.Dulwich or Latymer

But as we all very well know, it can all come down to the racing on the day, so good luck to all crews!




Featured image – https://hamptonschool.org.uk/2016/02/hampton-head-a-huge-success/