Official Boat-Building Partner – HUDSON UK

In the wild, a SHARK is a marvel of evolution and one of nature’s most successful, most enduring designs — over thousands of years, it has evolved, refined, and adapted to its environment to become the world’s most fearsome predator.

And it’s from this magnificent creature that we draw our inspiration. After all, when you’re chasing your personal best or your competition, what better mindset to emulate than a SHARK?

HUDSON have regularly produced boats for Olympic gold medallists, whilst their operations span three continents. They feature at the summit of every major rowing event in the world and have recently opened a services centre in Reading, UK.


Official Oar Partner – Croker Oars

For well over 50 years Croker Oars have crafted premium stilllwater oars for the rowing community and the pink sleeve has become an international icon, recognisable from afar.

Croker Oars continue to innovate in the sport of rowing, always searching for new and improved technology to create quality products for rowers to perform at their absolute best.


Official Indoor Rowing Partner – RP3 Rowing

The rowing machine that feels like a rowing boat.

The RP3 teaches three things – aligned athlete power forces, continuous power delivery and rowing-specific fitness.  Connecting up to 8 RP3 machines and handles together teaches crew synchronisation.

Its dynamic movement is kinder on the back and knees because the loadings are similar to a boat.

Winning UK junior crews are using RP3 for their land training.

Its sophisticated software gives real-time force curves which coaches love because it teaches technique alignment as well as power / fitness.  All scores are comparable to C2 splits and weight / boat-class adjusted scores can be programmed.

Default readouts are equivalent to C2.

The RP3 hardware accessories include link bars to connect machines, handle connectors, vertical storage and an improved seat.  A wireless interface that connects the RP3 Rowing app over Bluetooth was released in September.  An IoS app is in the pipeline as well as data connections with programs such as Strava.